Danger Tree Assessment / Falling

Loki Tree Service retains all modules of the UNBC Wildlife Danger Tree Assessor certification in addition to certification from the International Society of Arboriculture for large and small scale assessment and removal of dangerous wildlife trees in wildland environments. These services are employed by parks, campgrounds, privately-owned recreational areas and the BC Wildfire Service among many others.



Land Clearing & Vegetation Management

Loki Tree Service has the requisite skills, equipment, insurance and man-power for all tree removal operations. Our contracting experience includes the clearing of land for large commercial construction projects, private forest harvesting,recreational glading and vegetation management.



Wilderness Infrastructure Construction

The tools, abilities and person-power of Loki Tree Service have been enjoyed by wilderness-oriented clients ever since the company’s inception. Our experience includes mountain bike trails and stunts, boardwalks, water crossings, outhouses, creek-fed water systems, heli-pads and more.

Our building techniques rarely employ machinery. Hand-tools, chainsaw accessories, and mental fortitude are the equipment of the remote builder. It is part of our overall mandate to follow the best environmental practices possible, but we take extra care in our remote area operations. We have contracted for National and BC Parks, as well as conducted work in riparian and endangered species areas. Our light handed approach and commitment to best practices has always been appreciated by our clients.



Fuel Treatment

Follow the link above for more information on the management of forest fuels for the purpose of wildfire mitigation.