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Quality, safe and efficient residential tree care and urban forestry are the priorities for the ISA Certified Arborists at Loki – Revelstoke’s oldest & most trusted tree service.

Loki also has arborists permanently stationed in the Kootenay Lake area and is proud to provide wholistic tree care solutions to every community in between.

Services include:

Tree Removal

The arborists at Loki Tree Service are trained and experienced in all modern tree removal techniques, including rope-rigging and crane work. We remove trees of any size safely with no damage to property.
Various tree epidemics plague southern BC. With increasing rates of mortality and decay, it is increasingly important to evaluate the trees on your property.


Loki Tree Service can address all tree pruning needs including:
Deadwood/hazard removal: All trees shed dead limbs occasionally. In larger trees this can create significant overhead hazards in populated areas.
Fruit tree maintenance: To encourage fruit production, it is advisable to have fruit trees professionally pruned and maintained on a yearly basis.
Canopy adjustment: Larger trees can present a number of problems for homeowners, such as the blocking of sunlight, wind hazards and lower limbs encroaching on driveways. Professionals at Loki Tree Service can provide solutions to these problems with no unnecessary strain to the tree.
Hedge trimming: Hedges require constant maintenance and Loki Tree Service has the tools and skills for the job.


Loki Tree Service has the skills and equipment necesarry to handle almost any brush chipping task. Our 12″ capacity chipper allows for fast and thorough cleanup on all of our jobs.

Hire a certified arborist to help you with all aspects of residential tree cultivation including species and site selection, planting, fertilization and maintenance.

Have your property assessed for tree health, safety, tree-related landscaping issues or firesmart by trained professionals.